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Wydawnictwo StarHouse Games
Grupa wiekowa 18+
Obudowa pudełko
Wymiary 242x173x47 mm
szt. Do przechowalni
Cena przesyłki 16
Odbiór osobisty 0
Odbiór osobisty 0
Paczkomaty InPost 16
Kurier 21
Dostępność Mało


Arcana of Love(R) is a series of exclusive card games for couples, featuring imaginative challenges to help overcome shyness, enhance sensual experiences and spice up relationships.

The DELUXE SET contains all 3 decks (Sensual, Passionate & Spicy), which you can use separately or combined. This set also contains a blindfold and handcuffs - helping you achieve even more intense experiences.

This game is designed for everyone: couples who are only just getting to know each other, or else longterm partners looking to deepen their relationships and adventure.

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